Magnolia Ridge
Glen Allen, Virginia


Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for publishing the Magnolia Ridge Newsletter, maintaining the interactive web site for Magnolia Ridge, updating the community events board at the front of the pool house, and oversees the update of the community telephone directory.

Grounds Committee

This committee is responsible for working with the Board of Directors (BOD) and management company to ensure contract compliance with irrigation and grounds contractors. The committee provides recommendations as to contract specifications and on-grounds related projects when requested by the BOD. The committee also assists in minor repairs such as replacing lights and signs, etc.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

This committee is responsible for keeping the lines of communication open between the residence of Magnolia Ridge and the Henrico County Police. In addition, they are responsible for enlisting the assistance of neighbors to be additional "eyes and ears" for any suspicious activity that may occur in the neighborhood. They help reduce the incidence of crimes, thus, making our neighborhood a safer place to live.

Pool Committee

This committee is responsible for recommending the rules and guidelines pertaining to use of the pool and checking on the upkeep and day to day operation being done by any contacted personnel, and works with the Social Committee if needed on the scheduling of events.

Social Committee

This committee is responsible for brainstorming and scheduling and organizing community events and activities throughout the year to promote community cohesion. Events are to include both children and adult functions. This committee will also be a contact for starting clubs, groups, etc within our neighborhood.

Welcoming Committee

The purpose of the Magnolia Ridge Welcoming Committee is to make new residents of Magnolia Ridge feel welcome in their community. An initial contact will also allow the committee to disseminate information about the community, i.e. the web site, directory, etc.